Jonathan Wong (@iamjwjw) has been a student of Coach Wu...

Jonathan Wong (@iamjwjw) has been a student of Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) for the last few years and has been traveling around teaching seminars with Coach Wu.

He’s in the states for the next few days which gave us a chance to sit down and go through a lot of Coach Wu’s theories and teaching progressions. It’s good stuff if you haven’t had a chance to take a look at it yet. You can find the syllabus on FuBarbell FaceBook page at

When asked what sums up Chinese weightlifting methodology for Jon. His answer was, “When I first met Coach Wu, he told me to focus on 3 things that really resonated for me. First was, relax the body. Second was, keep the bar close. And third was, use your legs. Those 3 points simplified for me a very complex subject matter.”


Jonathan will be putting together a special guest post in the next few days. Check back for more!

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