Jon Wong (@iamjwjw) performing some hang panda pulls. This...

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Jon Wong (@iamjwjw) performing some hang panda pulls. This movement effectively trains leg drive into the bar with the rhythm from the hang usually being easier to capture than from the floor – especially if you have longer femurs.

What I really like about this video, however, is not the exercise itself but the intention of the set-up. Setting the back is something I often see athletes not place much intention into when getting ready to take a lift. Usually there’s so many other details running through their minds that this one falls off the table especially if the back is “flat-ish” and “set enough”.


Check out Jon’s intention in getting ready and then look how you can actually see him hook/connect the bar into his lats before he picks up the weight to begin the movement. Not getting the back set leaves the athlete vulnerable to either leaving the bar out front, not effectively transferring energy from the legs or even pulling early with the arms as an attempt to stay connected through the movement. Get connected, stay connected and watch the weights fly.

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