I was flipping through the photos taken by @chalkmonkeycrossfit...

I was flipping through the photos taken by @chalkmonkeycrossfit when I did my seminar last December in Pearland, TX @crossfitarmada. So amusing to see my “action shots” as I’m teaching. Some of my facial expressions are priceless.

So much emphasis in the community has been placed on the action of the hips to finish the lift that we forget it’s not a one part system. The hips might deliver power to the bar, but the legs (and shoulders) is what continues to direct the momentum upwards in the appropriate direction. Come through hard with the hips, but short your leg drive through the floor and you’ll have a bar that might either loop around the body or come up short of your potential output. I find myself making this adjustment on athletes quite frequently at my seminars. Remember, it’s the synergistic use of the body rather than the disproportionate use of individual body parts that will guide you to the best results.

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