I want to first off congratulate Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) in...

I want to first off congratulate Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) in welcoming the newest addition to the Ho family — Lochlan Ho! Amongst practicing the new skill of intermittent sleeping, Lester was able to put together a post teaching us about the subtle differences in lever lengths.


“When teaching the lifts, there is a stereotypical progression of positions taught especially when teaching within a group setting. Even for individual one to one coaching, each coach would have probably developed their positions they deem ideal for lifting.

From first glance, the three of us look like we have similar proportions. Long torso, long femurs. However, why is it that we can all adopt different positions?

As much as we have a stereotypical idea of how we should be positioned, but small differences in the various segmental lengths within our body can be amplified into significantly difference positions between each individual.

Thus, it is not only important to understand the ratio between the limb lengths when finding positions but also the physical differences within the individual to allow the most efficient or effective position to be adopted by the lifter.

Stereotypical is good for learning. But to gain that extra 1kg for a PB, understanding the individual differences is critical to efficient and effective lifting.”


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