I vividly remember doing this workout in 2011 at the old Parking...

I vividly remember doing this workout in 2011 at the old Parking Lot of Dreams. We decided to come together and complete this workout as a team of coaches to celebrate the first ever CrossFit Games Open. I imagine it’s just as spicy today as it was 3 years ago.

The weight being comparatively light, this workout is all about finding a groove and settling into a good pace. You don’t want to come out the gates too strong yet you don’t want to get left behind. A calm and collected mindset will allow you to find a pace that’s both efficient and smooth.

Warm-up well making sure that you’re at least a bit sweaty before hitting the 3, 2, 1 GO! I’d even go as far as to smash out the forearms and calves a bit to buy some slack for the gripping and jumping mechanics that lay ahead.

Points of Performance for the Snatch:

1. Adopt a comfortable pulling stance and keep your feet in place — do not relocate out when receiving overhead.

2. If you tend to grip narrow, a little wider will allow shorter

distance of travel and less resistance as you turn over in the


3. Find a good tempo. Places to catch a quick rest would be when the bar is overhead allowing the barbell to “float” for a second before coming back down to the hips and then lowering down to the floor.

4. Keep the bar close and make sure you are creating contact at the level of the hips. This will allow the bar to gain some momentum from the upward acceleration and save the back and shoulders from doing all the work.

5. Keep the knuckles turned down and let the elbows point out to the

sides for a closer and more efficient bar path.

6. Keep the eyes up and chest tall to hedge against the rounding that will want to occur as the reps start adding up.

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