I can’t believe it’s Open season AGAIN! 16.1 has 3...

I can’t believe it’s Open season AGAIN! 16.1 has 3 non-technical components, but there are still things to consider before diving into the workout.


Use the clock and stick to a pace. This will help keep you on track as you make your way through the rounds. Recovery should also be on the clock. Your head will tell you that you need more rest than what you truly need. Have a plan on how long you plan on resting between movements and stick to that plan until you feel you need to increase the rest time. When you do increase the rest time, be specific on how much more time you plan on taking.


Transitions are key and this has the potential to eat up the most amount of time. If you are going to break up movements, break up the chest-to-bar pull-ups into sets of 2-3 and try to go unbroken for the lunges and burpees. Adding in clean+jerk or snatch will significantly increase workload and eat up valuable seconds. For the burpees, play around with the approach on whether you want to step, skip or jump up to the bar.


Keep the body as relaxed as possible throughout the entire workout gripping the bar only hard enough to maintain support. Focus on breathing throughout the entire 20min. This workout is about sustainability and holding your breathe will force fatigue fast. When supporting the bar overhead, allow the shoulders to depress (and set) naturally while focusing on extension through the elbows. This allows the back to support the load while minimizing fatigue of the shoulders.

Can You Do This Twice:

YES, absolutely. So for the first run, go in strong and see where you land. This will act as recon for your second (or even third) attempt at gaming a good score.

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