I am very blessed to be able to have great conversations on a...

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I am very blessed to be able to have great conversations on a regular basis. These conversations spur creativity, focus thinking and help solve questions that would take a much longer time to sort out on your own. I want to thank the following people for being big contributors to my process in 2014 @suppleleopard @natehelming @carlpaoli @roopsihota @lesterhokw @iamjwjw @wuchuanfu

Here’s to an even better 2015!


By @iamjwjw: Snatch PRs reviewed. 97kg(March), 98kg(September) 100kg(December). For me, my goal this year for the Snatch was to break into the three digit club. And last week I finally did it, thanks much in part to getting refocused in my training with Coach @wuchuanfu, discussions with @dianefu and info nuggets from @klokovd and @olychad This year, I’ve been blessed to have been able to work with such great coaches and athletes.

Breaking the 100kg mark has been much more a mental game than physical. That being said, the physical preparation must be adequate as well. And that’s why Olympic weightlifting continues to draw me in - the constant need to improve physical and mental strength never gets dull. Ultimately, it is a debate between you and the bar - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But the conversation is always very, very interesting.

What have learned about yourself through lifting this year?

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