I’ve long believed that you don’t have to become a...

I’ve long believed that you don’t have to become a weightlifter in order to become good at weightlifting. In fact, as the years go by and I watch athletes around me continue to increase their abilities to what seems like extraordinary levels for a non-competitive weightlifter, it solidifies my belief even more. This belief is especially true for those that are interested in reaping the benefits of this sport for application towards other activities such as CrossFit. What athletes do need, however, is a sound understanding of the framework in which they operate and organized practice on a regular basis. These pieces are vital to maximizing success while allowing the athlete to be efficient with their time.

Courtney Walker (@walkercourtney5), Regional competitor and CrossFit Games candidate, demonstrates these points with her most recent PRs of 75kg/165lbs snatch and 91kg/200lbs hang clean&jerk at 57kg/125lbs bodyweight. So very proud of her continued success. And did I mention that it’s just bada$s?

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