The hips are a powerful generator when it comes to force...

The hips are a powerful generator when it comes to force production, but that by itself will not be enough to deliver the power in the right direction. For the productive application of force, learning how to pair the knees with the hips will get the bar moving up so you can get yourself moving down.

By @lesterhokw:

Producing Vertical Force.

It is definitely not wrong to say that the hips are producing force in the second pull. However, this extension of the hips is often mistaken as the sole proponent of increasing velocity of the bar.

Yes it does increase the velocity and subsequently displacement but however, which direction if only the hips are involved?

The focus in force production should come from knee extension in order to drive the entire system of the weightlifter and the bar upwards.

This is where cues like “shifting your legs under the bar” or “drive the legs” or “punch the quads” find their relevance in the second pull.

The mistake commonly made is the lack of focus on getting knee extension going because it’s natural for hip extension to occur once knee extension is complete.

Think more about what your knees are doing and magnify the power of the hips in extension.

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