Hip pinchy-ness have you all bummed out in the hole? Nothing...

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Hip pinchy-ness have you all bummed out in the hole? Nothing will make you avoid sitting into the bottom of your snatch and clean like pain in the front of the hip. And worse off, avoid clearing this junk up, and it only gets worse with time. Dr. Brandon Tom (@brandonw8lifter) is here today to offer up some insight to help remedy this dysfunction. As always, test and retest for improvement and then share with another friend in need.

Specificity with Mobilization and Hip Impingement


Often times I will hear patients complain of an anterior/medial “c-shaped” distribution of hip pain at the bottom position of a squat/snatch/clean. I’ve found in my PT practice that this results from a condition called hip impingement, secondary to insufficient hip internal rotation and restriction in the posterior aspect of the hip socket.

More often than not the hip flexor is involved due to its close proximity to the anterior aspect of the hip joint. My favorite fix for this mobilization is one which involves sitting down into the bottom of your squat with a band distracting the hip posterolaterally — check out @MobilityWOD if you like this and more.

The athlete then proceeds to drop the knee towards midline into hip internal rotation while keeping the foot mostly flat and planted. Good follow up exercises to this mobilization to improve motor control within this new range are snatch grip presses from behind the neck in a squat position and duck walks in an overhead squat.

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