Here at #FuBarbell we focus on expression of movement through...

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Here at #FuBarbell we focus on expression of movement through weightlifting. For the most part, if you focus on quality of movement, then consistency will bring you towards success – AKA GAINZ. However, there is much to be said regarding proper planning. My good friend Will Rawlings (@superiorathletic @crossfitsaa), brother of Tim Rawlings (@rawwlings), is here today to talk about the progression from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

Here you see Kurt, a lifter as a beginner (left) advancing to an intermediate lifter (right) in the 69kg category, and a general description of how his program went from general to more specific in about a year.

Beginner goals are to establish fundamentally sound technique. The use of General Physical Training, Technical Skill Training, combined with supplementary exercises and strength training will allow the athlete to navigate the movements and build motor proficiency in the following:


a. Start position

b. 1st Pull or Dip for Jerk

c. Explosive Extension and SEPARATION- (2nd Pull )

d. Fixing the barbell in receiving position -the front rack, or above the head

e. Rising (oh squat, front squat, recovery from split)


As a lifter enters the intermediate stages of weightlifting, the template must become more specific to continue to increase lifting capacity. The goal is to reinforce and improve technique, speed, and rhythm but it becomes more important to develop strength more specifically. The weight on the bar is progressively increasing, training begins reflecting these conditions, and developing strength that is more specific to allow a lifter to progress based on their individual limitations.

For a lifter to develop to an Advanced level, they must develop the ability to move explosively with even heavier weights exceeding twice/three times their bodyweights. Under these conditions, the combination of ideal technique, speed, and specific explosive strength to move efficiently and display force rapidly is paramount. Athletes must develop a work capacity under NEAR ISOMETRIC conditions, and the need for properly planned and highly individual specific programs and recovery are necessary.

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