Cycling for multiple reps (inside a WOD) versus lifting for a...

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Cycling for multiple reps (inside a WOD) versus lifting for a heavy single. Should they be trained the same or should they be treated as different skills? If you would’ve asked me 2 years ago, I would’ve made the argument that those should be one in the same. But having observed how quickly that method goes south inside a WOD, I’ve come to the conclusion that treating them as separate skills and training them as such would be much more beneficial for most athletes.

For multiple reps, many athletes very quickly resort to a higher-hip-hinged style of moving the barbell in an effort to conserve energy and not compress the diaphragm when gasping for air making this movement style more efficient for the task at hand. The cost, however, comes on the back end; and athletes that use this technique will need to spend more time on supplemental work strengthening the back and hamstrings to support the fatigue that accumulates.

For single reps (or doubles and triples not inside a WOD), classic training methods used in Olympic-style weightlifting should be employed to maximize the athlete’s potential. By treating these two movements as separate skills with separate training methods, the athlete will be able quickly distinguish between movement patterns and have a better game plan on how to address the skills inside their training.

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