CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.213.2 is in the house with some...

CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.2

13.2 is in the house with some metabolic spiciness! We’ve got a crazy stack of some shoulders to overhead, deadlifts, and box jumps. The catch? The weights are super light and the workout is only 10min long. What will separate the best from the rest won’t be their motor, their lungs or their strength. It’s going to be all about movement efficiency and timing in transition. Keep these pointers in mind for better efficiency to carry you through the WOD:

1. Use the same grip and stance for your shoulders to overhead and deadlift. I would recommend your deadlift position. Stay in place and don’t waste energy translating horizontally. To keep you from doing the “bunny hop” on the shoulders to overhead, think about driving your weight through your heels, keeping the hips and shoulders stacked, and let your ankles come into natural plantar flexion (aka triple extension). Do not try to forcefully push into the toes.
2. As you lower the weight from the overhead to the deadlift, keep your shoulders back and the barbell close. Do not let the weight get away from you.
3. As you enter your deadlift, think about leading the movement with your hips trying to touch the wall behind you and biasing your knees out sliding the weight down your legs towards the floor. This maneuver will keep the load in the hips and out of the low back.
4. Lastly, stay calm. The weights are light so don’t waste energy trying to overpower the barbell. Find a good tempo and stay moving.

For a quick video tutorial on this week’s WOD, check out
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