CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.1This is your classic love story of...

CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.1

This is your classic love story of boy meets girl. 12.1 meets 12.2. They date, fall in love, and a year later had a little one and named him 13.1. It just doesn’t get much gnarlier than #burpees and snatches! Here are some quick tips for #snatch efficiency in this week’s Open WOD.

- Warm-up well. You should be slightly sweaty before you hit the 3, 2, 1 GO!
- #KellyStarrett will be putting out a video on mobilizing up corners so be sure to tune into #MobilityWOD.
- #CarlPaoli will be talking about burpee efficiency and warm-up prep so tune into #GymnasticsWOD for that video.

- For the first wave of snatches, if you can cycle the reps, keep your hands and feet in the same place for a faster cycle time.
- If you are cycling your reps, think about organizing your system and loading from the top down to gain some kinetic energy from the eccentric lowering for your next rep.
- Partition out your reps and always save 1 in the tank. Do not blow your reps out. It will kill your recovery.
- Start thinking ahead to the next wave of snatches. If 45lbs/75lbs to 75lbs/135lbs etc. will be too big of a jump for power snatching, about 5 reps out from finishing your current wave, start preping the movement pattern for the next wave. For example, if you need to move from power snatching to squat snatching, then squat snatch your last 5 reps at 45lbs/75lbs. If you plan on split snatching, do the same thing. Stay conscious of where you’re at or you will black out and forget!
- Keep it close!

A YouTube channel for #FuBarbell is finally up and running! Check out for a quick 13.1 video from yours truly.