A common thread amongst athletes and coaches in our community is...

A common thread amongst athletes and coaches in our community is the yearn to learn. Hungry to become better, I find most of us are intelligent, well read, thoughtful and insightful just to provide a few adjectives.

Going to a weightlifting meet is like a hub where decades of experience and knowledge just wait to get plugged into and all at the cost of a simple hello and asking a question.

I had a conversation with Roger Nielsen on the shuttle ride from our hotel to The Arnold convention center about his views on programming and how he runs his club. I got some coaching from Terry William Grow while I caught a workout in the training hall. I chatted it up with women’s resident coach Bob Morris of the OTC while warming up @paddygriffin for his session. I met Don McCauley and the list goes on…

All of these great coaches offer unique perspectives into what they do and all are open and generous with the information they have to share.

Weightlifting meets are great. As an athlete, being in this altered environment allowed me further exploration into self-discovery. And as a coach, I get to connect with the greatest minds of our community. All this value and more which cannot be found staying inside the confines of your own club. If you want to become better, you must gather your team up and get out there to compete.

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