In coaching, we want to try and provide cues that will address...

In coaching, we want to try and provide cues that will address multiple issues at one time. Being that there are 1,001+ things to remember, simplification of technical processes will free up mental and physical capacities resulting in improved performance.

The flip side is that cues are just that — cues — and should address technicalities from a foundation of understanding bridged between the coach and athlete. I would yell “magic unicorns” if it got my athletes moving the way I want to see them move.

Here are my top 5 favorite coaching cues for the snatch and clean along with what I’m looking to help athletes do:

1. Chest Up! (snatch and clean) - Maintains the back angle off the floor by keeping the hips down. Also sets the trunk up for receiving and racking the bar either overhead or on the chest.

2. Heels Down! (snatch and clean) - Allows access to the posterior chain (aka hips and hamstrings) setting the athlete up for a strong second pull. Also maintains balance over the base of support (aka feet).

3. Keep It Close! (snatch and clean) - The closer the bar is to the body, the stronger you are, period.

4. Reach Behind The Ears! (snatch) - Put the bar where you want it to go. Don’t just count on it getting and staying there on it’s own accord.

5. Tighten Up! - (snatch and clean) - Removing the slack in the system will allow for efficient energy transfer and added stability during recovery.

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