Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) is currently at a training base in China...

Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) is currently at a training base in China with a few of his lifters that will competing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The Chinese national team sees about 12 workouts a week divided between morning and afternoon sessions. This allows the appropriate amount of time to move these athletes professionally up the ranks.

In Singapore, their lifters don’t have the same amount of time allowance to train on a daily basis so Coach Wu has brought them over to China to place them in a more concentrated environment as a final preparation before the competition.

Here, Coach Wu has sent me some videos of a couple 18 year old lifters from the base doing a Chinese-style Jerk Balance for stability and strength. The first one at 160kg and the second at 200kg. From ages 13-22 is when the Chinese make their biggest push on the juniors. The gains they see during this age range will largely determine whether or not they will have the opportunity to represent their country on the Olympic platform.

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