Check out this cool collaborative post by my boys @natehelming...

Check out this cool collaborative post by my boys @natehelming and @carlpaoli! This dynamic duo has been traveling the country bringing the message of #FreestyleConnection and #TheRunExperience to you. Practice is what makes you better, but education is the key to building our future. Learn on.


“If you’re body’s a vehicle, better learn how to drive it.” At least that’s what Carl Paoli tells me. This could not be more relevant than when it comes to foot position in running and squatting. How and where do these two activities connect? Well as the running gets fast and long, the squatting must get deep and heavy. Speed in running equals load in squatting. But ever try squatting heavy or running fast with your feet turned way out? It can be done but it’s neither “pretty” nor “speedy.” But fear not: fixing our foot position in the squat helps us fix our foot position on the run.

Start squatting deep and heavy with your toes more forward and you will soon be running with your feet pointing in the direction you want to go. So go practice. With some driving lessons pretty soon you’ll be to squat heavy and run fast. Or in other words: have your cake and eat it too. #gwod #helmingathletics #mobilitywod #fubarbell #sanfranciscocrossfit #crossfit #running #triathlon