Chatting with Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) is one part lesson in...

Chatting with Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) is one part lesson in philosophy and one part lesson in Chinese weightlifting and it can become quite a brain teaser at times. The Chinese are flexible in their thinking when it comes to individual expressions of movement. Largely, what they are looking for is how well the athlete is able to express and apply their strength. The aim of Chinese methodology is to help each athlete develop an awareness and a feeling for moving with the bar. By employing different strategies to help the athlete find their center the athlete is able to move more with less effort. The following is an excerpt from Coach Wu.


“I often get questions from people regarding shoulder rigidity/inflexibility/stiffness. My response is that sometimes, our shoulder inflexibility isn’t true inflexibility. Rather, it is the way in which we move that creates a feeling of stiffness. How can one fully express 100% of one’s strength/power through incomplete movements? Utilization of strength is a sensory experience. In other words, there is a mental aspect to the physical movement. Only through mastering this aspect of the mind can one truly express one’s power. I never considered myself to be very strong, yet I am able to skillfully maximize my body’s strength. Remember, in OLY, the amount of weight you can lift does not solely rely on your strength.. This is the art of power.” - #ChuanfuTraining

Translation cred: @genius_at_work

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