Austin has been blast. The people are kind, the barbecue is on...

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Austin has been blast. The people are kind, the barbecue is on point and you can even find a gym with a legit weightlifting set-up open for public use early on a Sunday morning!


Thanks to Ursula’s (@texasbarbellclub) gym recommendation, I got a chance to move around a bit this morning before jumping on my flight back home to San Francisco. If you’re ever in the Austin area and need a place to train, this facility has all the amenities of a globo, CrossFit AND weightlifting gym!

Bonus Edit: For those of you who like picking up little tidbits, blocks are a great tool to use to train force production from the transition point of your second pull. You can push pretty hard and not have it take a heavy toll on the body.


Whereas 87kg would normally be a pretty (read extremely) heavy clean for me these days, pulling from the blocks allows me opportunity to work the timing of my leg drive and lat pull without beating myself up too much – if at all.


My recent trip to China has allowed me to develop a stronger awareness and understanding of how/what it means to drive the legs into the bar while I continue to finesse the timing and control of the lats. And as Coach @wuchuanfu would say, “More movement. More lats!!”

#FuBarbell (at Hyde Park Gym)