Alright boys and girls, Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) and I are back...

Alright boys and girls, Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) and I are back for the final installment regarding levers of the body and its effect on pulling mechanics. Last chance to get considered for our 2015 FuBarbell + The Training Geek seminar tour. If you are interested in hosting, fire off an email to and title it “Biomechanics 2015”!


The Arms as A Lever


Apart from identifying the ratios between the torso, femur and lower leg, another lever within the body which affects movement is the arms.

The position of the grip width determines its length as a lever but for those with longer arms, it’s possible that the widest width possible is adopted and it still remains a longer lever than the torso.

The implication of that is that the bar would actually sit lower than desired below the hip at the power position.

In terms of how that affects the lifts, it also means that there may be a need to employ a slightly arm bent so that the bar can reach the hips to properly adopt the power position for the snatch. The key thing about this is to keep the arms bent when pulling and avoid straightening them out in the pull.

Another option would be to have the bar start lower in the second pull. But effort to keep the second pull extended and finishing more with the shoulders is required to avoid leaving the bar forward.

Therefore understanding the position of the arms in your pull will help in making it more effective and solve most of your long-arm or narrow grip problems.

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