With all the technical variations that come with the different...

With all the technical variations that come with the different styles of lifting, one (of a few) things remain the same. Coaches want you to move from the legs to the torso to the shoulders to the arms. This sequence of movements allow for a proper “build up” of energy to flow to the bar. Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) is here again this week to help you wrap your brain behind the science of these events:


“Lesson for today: Summation of Force.

Force production is everything the lifts are about. More importantly, the sequence of body segments contributing to force production determines the efficiency of the movement.

The proper sequencing of body segments help ensure that force produced is properly transferred and there is minimum loss of power. In biomechanics, this is known as the summation of forces. Like in a maximal throw, the legs initiate the movement, force gets transferred through a rigid torso to the shoulders, subsequently the arms and lastly the implement involved.

In the weightlifting movements, the weight is moved off the ground through force produced in the legs all the way to the second pull, force is then transferred through a tight torso. It is then carried over by the shoulders and subsequently to the barbell (pictured top left). If this sequence is missed, the smooth transfer of force produced cannot occur and subsequently only one of the segments is utilised to produce force in the movement.

This is why when you use your arms from the beginning (picture in the bottom left), you lose the ability to produce enough force to displace the barbell as your legs, torso and shoulders are no longer in the equation.

Hitting the right sequence will ensure that the summation of force from each of your body segments contributing to the lift will be properly transferred to the barbell, making that PB weight move up the easiest way possible.”


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