Aleksey (@torokhtiy) came by earlier this week to hang out and...

Aleksey (@torokhtiy) came by earlier this week to hang out and do some training. Being able to watch the best of our world up front and personal truly allows you to appreciate the details of good technique. Today, we give you a little insight on how to get closer to unlocking your weightlifting greatness.

By @lesterhokw:

The Jerk Receiving Position.

The way you receive your jerk is directly related to the way you dip. Having a good dip position and transferring that into your jerk receiving position will determine the stability you will achieve overhead.

A common error when athlete’s jerk overhead is that a lot more focus is placed into getting under the bar rather than driving up or even finishing their drive (more so in the split jerk than push jerk). This results in a receiving position lower than the dip position.

It is critical to ensure that the receiving position is higher than that of the dip position as you can see in this image. This will ensure that the drive into the bar from the legs is complete. That way, the individual remains connected to the bar till the arms are locked out but do not mistake this as an active press from the arms.

This will also prevent the bar from crashing due to dropping too low. As you can see from this individual’s push jerk, it clearly highlights you trying to receive higher than your dip level in your jerks.

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