Back to some basics today! It is my experience that most of the...

Back to some basics today! It is my experience that most of the athletes coming to me for technique tune-ups have their grip in closer than where I’d like to see them. This is understandable because the closer grip is a stronger grip and feels more stable overhead.

If performance is your aim, however, then having the grip positioned so the bar can hang at the proper level will allow for quicker transitions and better leveraging.


CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.213.2 is in the house with some...

CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.2

13.2 is in the house with some metabolic spiciness! We’ve got a crazy stack of some shoulders to overhead, deadlifts, and box jumps. The catch? The weights are super light and the workout is only 10min long. What will separate the best from the rest won’t be their motor, their lungs or their strength. It’s going to be all about movement efficiency and timing in transition. Keep these pointers in mind for better efficiency to carry you through the WOD:


Weightlifting, the artist’s view.#FuBarbell...

Weightlifting, the artist’s view.

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Rich Froning sequence of a 300lbs/136kg snatch.Did you...

Rich Froning sequence of a 300lbs/136kg snatch.

Did you know…

- Rich Froning has the highest weightlifting total of any Crossfit athlete.
- Rich Froning has won the CrossFit Games the last two years in a row.
- CrossFit HQ has been putting a heavy emphasis on the Olympic lifts each year during the Games having up to 36% of all the allotted points be tied to the Olympic lifts and its derivatives.


#Weightlifters have a routine. There’s a specific way they...

#Weightlifters have a routine. There’s a specific way they like to address the bar, set-up and pull; and they’ll do this subconsciously before every rep especially as they get to their heavier attempts. As part of their “pre-flight check,” you’ll also notice them adopt an almost zen-like state. All of this automation and calming of the nerves serves a purpose to reduce activities happening in the psyche and body which result in maximal force being produced into the bar.